Sunday, May 27, 2012

my little journey

Hello, there!:) 
Well, I want to give you a little story how I came to this place where I am right now.

First of all let me intorduce myself. My name is Angelika, Angela, Lika, Angy, Engine, ... - I love to be called differently by different people. 

I have been on this journey of discovering myself and the happiness within me for a year and a half now. I remember in November 2010 my girlfriends and I went for a wonderful trip to Thailand, and it all began after that. When we came back, for a week or two I was very happy, smiling all the time, but then slowly I began to realize that somethig in my life is not right, that it's not how I want it to be. I couldn't realize what exactly that was, but I was feeling dissatisfied with my life. I wanted to know why I came to this planet, what the purpose of my life was. 

I watched the movie "Secret" and it cheered me up for a while. But soon that was not enough again. And I realized that due to some of my childhood experience, when I was constatntly feeling not good enough to be loved, I still couldn't love myself fully. I was always thinking that I wasn't perfect, because I don't have a perfecr body, I have a lot of extra kilos (pounds) to loose. And so I decided to make a little project, which I called "100 reasons why I love myself". One day I was surfing the Internet and came across a blog of a wonderful girl Luinae (her blog was first called "Slam", and than "Brighter than sunflowers") where she had done the exact same project. I started following her, and soon she gave a link to the wonderful event called "The World's Biggest Summit". And that's how I also began following a wonderful blog of Leonie Dawson (at that time known as Goddess Leonie). In the meantime I was reading a lot of books by Deepak Chopra, Adam J. Jackson, Brian Tracey, Robin Sharma, etc. and listening to audio books and affirmations by Louise Hay. I am still on my journey, and I do have good days and bad days. But my overall experience, my perception of everyday life has changed drastically. I do feel happy and satisfied with my life,  maybe not 100% of the time, but I am up to 60-70%. 

I will write more about my journey, about my thoughts and feelings. Now my goal is to start writing, to get my feelings out there. To share my experience. So be prepared to hear more from me:) 

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