Friday, November 30, 2012

Experience life

I have planned to finnsih the month of experience with this post almost from the very beginning of November.  I saw this video (it is actually and advertisment) and I knew that I had to shae it. The author of the video is Evgeniy Grishkovec. He is a Russian actor and a singer, but a vey unique one. In his songs he doesn't sing, he talks, he speaks about life and people around and his feelings. So this video is an advetisment of a company that makes windows and it is called "To see the life". Here is the video, it is in Russian, so below I am going to write down what he is saying:

There is a picture hanging on my wall, it's a landscape: a river, a hilly river bank, the sun is going down behind the hills, a low sky with clouds, the river and clouds are coloured with sunset. There are a few black dots - these birds flying over the river. They have been flying there for many years. This picture has been moving with me from a house to house, it's a good picture, beautiful landscape, nothing is changing on it. Outside MY window everything was always changing. Districts changed, cities changed, trees grew higher, houses wee built. I myself was growing. Buthow differently did I watch out of the window in different ages. When I was small and my parents would sat me on a window sill, it seemed so high, and outside I could only the things that interested me: dogs, children, birds. A lorry or a fire truck were miracles to me. I remember standing on my tiptoes staing hard at the road and waiting for my Mom to come home from work or for my Dad to come from a long business trip. I remeber looking for inspiration outside the window when I was writing my first romantic poems. How oppressed I was with the sunlight that caome in from the window in the moments of sadness or anticipation. Or how happy I was to see a thunder or a snowstorm or even grey drizzle and wet houses outside my window in the moments of success and happiness. With such different feelings did I open curtains and fling open the window during this last year. How differently did I see the same courtyard, the same city. And on my picture it is always a sunset along a beautiful iver, and the birds keep flying. I am used to this pictures. I can't get used to what I see outside my window, because on the pictue there is a landscape, and in the window there is always a life. 

My tanslation may not be a pefect one, but I think the main message is clear - life is always different. If it was the same every day, it will be just a picture, something still, something that has stopped moving. And you do not want that to happen to your life. Look outside the window, step outside of your apartment and experience life! This is my advice of the day and of this month.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Experience break

I have decided to take a short break from writing the blog. At least from writing it daily. I want it to be an inspiration, a means to express creativeness. But lately I have been feeling that it is a must, that it is some kind of a burden (that is a bit too strong a word, but I don't know how to express it differently). I am not saying that I will stop writing completely. Even right now I steel feel the urge to post something tomorrow. And I loved this feeling of thinking about each day and finding a lesson in each day. But there are now so many things going on that sometimes I feel a little stressed to write. I still haven't made up my mind yet, because when I am putting these words down, I feel that I want to continue, but at the same time there are days when I want just to go to sleep sometimes - but instead I spent another 40-50 minutes writing the blog. So I will jsut see how it goes tomorrow. I will keep writing, maybe on a little less regular basis. You will hear more from me, I am not saying goodbye. The only thing is that if now I go on vacation or I am out of town, I will just take a full break and not feel stressed about keeping this a daily blog.
So the advice of the day is: experience break. Sometimes you need to take a time out and just let it go for while only to see that it is actually exactly what you needed. Sometimes a break is a good start to letting go of the things that hold you back. I don't know yet what my break will be. I will keep you posted:)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Experience education

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”
― Oscar Wilde
  As I have already witten a couple of times, I have entered a University this year. I passed my first exams a couple of weeks ago, and now it is already time to start getting ready for the next examinations. So today I spent a few hours reading and getting information for my course paper. And that is the reason for chooosing the today's topic. I just  want to underline the importance of education. And you do not necessarily need to enter a University o go to school to get educated. Absolutely not, there are so many books and internet resources now, that you can learn whatever you want without even going out of the house. 
So the advice of the day is: experience education. Read a book. Find something to learn about.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Experience movies

We went to the movies today. I haven't seen an actual movie in a cinema for about 4 months. Which means that I haven't watched any movie for the same time - becaue lately I have found it difficult to watch a whole movie at home. I get too distracted and it seems that I am just wasting time, I'd rather do something more useful. That's why I love going to the movie theaters - I concentrate on the movie only, on the feelings and emotions that arise within me as I watch the story unfold. And also I choose only positive movies, with a happy ending, preferrably comedies. But some dramas can also be positive, for example "The Bucket List" - it is a drama with a not so happy ending. But nontheless this is one of the most positive movies I can think of. It teaches you to live now, to do what you have always wanted to do and not be afaid of doing it. It is so inspiring, it has tought me not to wait for some opportunity to arise, but to start making these opportunities happen.
So the advice of the day is: experience movies. Choose a movie wisely and it will definitely teach you something new.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Experience communication

It has always been difficult for me to use small talk. I could never talk for hours on end even with my closest friends and family. And I still cannot understand how people can talk on the phone for several hours. What do they even talk about?
But now at work I realise that it is useful to know and use this art (yes, I do call it 'an art'). When you go to different events, when you are driving in a car with a colleague with whom you do not have much in common, when you go for a lunch with your co-workers - how do you know what is important for them? Or what do you talk about with a business partner when you are not at an official meeting?
So this post consists mainly of questions, which I am trying to answer right now. And I want to learn the art of small talk, but at the same time to keep it meaningful, and not just talk in order to pass the time.
So the advice of the day is: experience communication, because it is the key to building relations with other people.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Experience search

You know what I love about writing this blog? It is the fact that I am always looking for inspiration, I read a lot of new and inspiring quotations, I listen to new songs, watch new videos. And it is all a part of enriching myself, enriching my knowledge.
And today I have found another new song. Well, it is new for me, but actually it's quite an old song - it was released in 1985 - the year I was born. But nontheless it is still very beautiful and meaningful. And here are a few lyrics from this song (and yes, they are all about experience):

"Experience is only what you make it
You come together when you let yourself go"

"Experience is not imagination
You get what you believe in if you choose"

"Experience, is only what you make it
You live forever but you never know"

And here is the video, please enjoy:


So the advice of the day is: experience search. Search for new things, search for old things, search for motivation, search for answers within yourself.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Experience guilt

So today in the moning I was in a bad mood, and still cannot actually understand why. I argued with my colleague for a reason so small that it is not even worth mentioning. And not only did I argue, but I ended up crying in the toilette. It is probably becasue of the diet that I am feeling quite moody. I am used to eating chocolate and cakes, but now I have to restrict myself. But on Sunday I ate a chocolate cupcake, and I guess I still feel guilty about that. I know that I was not supposed to do that, but I just couldn't resist the temptation. So I have to learn to forgive myself, because it is OK to break the diet rules sometimes. It might actually be even good for you, because you don't let your body get used to low-calorie food, you remind it that sometimes it has to work harder in order for it to be able to process any kind of foods. So I am going to learn how to let go of the guilt and forgive myself for these little guilty pleasures that I am sure are going to happen from time to time.
So the advice of the day is: experience guilt and let it go.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Experience failure

“You need to screw up to learn. You need to experience to create greatness.”
Laurie Faria Stolarz, Deadly Little Secret

Yesterday I mentioned that last week has been a week of lazines for me. I only went for the walk 2 times, and than I totally ignored my food routine on Sunday. But because of this little failures Zhenya has shared with me her thoughts on the subconscious power. I have heard and read books and watched videos on the topic, but I forgot to apply this knowledge at my new endeavour. So thanks to those mistakes of mine I got the chance to put my knowledge to use and to experiment with it.

So the advice of the day is: experience failure, but remember not to give up!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Experience subconsciousness

I just finished talking with my food consultant, Zhenya. And today she told me about the power of our subconscious mind. And I love the way she explained it to me. She pictures the subconscious as a little person who sits inside of us. And that little girl (I see that person as a little gil) is totally OK with how things are right now. She doesn't want to change, she doesn't need this change. And she is trying to convince me to agree with her. That's why this week has been a lazy one for me - I haven't gone for the morning walk since Wednesday, and I ate a cupcake yesterday. So that little girl is really good in standing up for herself and telling me that I do not need to change. But Zhenya also said that I should never fight her, that's not going to work. To really succeed with this or any other goal I need to make friends with my little inside girl, to show her how wonderful life will be once the goal is achieved. And once she understands that, she will give you all the power to keep going. And I am so inspired now to make friends with my subconscious girl and can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and go for a walk. I will keep you updated from time to time on how things are going.

So the advice of the day is: experience the subconsiousness, make friends with your subconscious person, let him/her become your advocate!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Experience music

Today we were talking about music with my friend. And I have realised that music is a huge part of my life, it accompanies my through the good times and the bad times. And I have also noticed that we grow out of music. Well, not the music itself, but seperate songs. For example, now I do not and actually cannot listen to the songs that I listend to a year ago. They are the songs of that time, of that me, the me who no longer exists or who has developed into a slightly different person. When I hear a songs of that time, I start remenscing of the past, of the old days. And even though it might be good to think about your past and the lessons you have learned from it, I do not like to remember the past that often. Because it seems to me that I can get stuck in the past. And I want to live today.
And also you have probably noticed that I quite often post different songs and video clips - so these are the songs, the music that reflects the me of today. It reflects my current state of mind and my thoughts. Sometimes all the right things have already been said and you do not need to make them up yourself. And all this wisdom can be found in music.
So the advice of the day is: experience music.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Experience friendship

A friend of mine came over for a visit. I haven't seen her for over 4 months and it feels wonderful to be able to catch up. It's just such a joy to have people in your life who you can talk to, who understand you and support you. I remember I once saw a phrase on a magnet (or was it a post card) which I agree with, and it said " Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly". I am very grateful for all my friends and people who surround me. 
So the advice of the day is: experience friendship! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Experience the dance

Today I went to a pefomance - a dance peformance. I have a very dual attitude towads that - on the one hand it was very unexpected, because it just happened that thee wee two extra tickets left, because someone from the management team could not come and a friend at work gave the tickets to me and my coleeage / friend. But at the same time already yesterday I started feeling like I did not want to spend a Friday evening at home, I wanted to go out and it happened. So that's why I believe that our mind is such a powerful tool. It can lead us anywhere we want. Seriously. Trust me and tune up your mind according to your desires.
 Actually that is not what I wanted to wite about today. I wanted to say how beautiful the dance is. We went to a dance peformance which was mostly choeographed by Igor Moiseev. It was a mix of different international dances, mostly of eastern Europe. And it was a wonderful experience. I don't think I would ever go there by myself without the invitation, but yet it was worth seeing. Dance inspires you to keep moving, to stay positive in life.
That is why I want to give the advice of the day: experience the dance.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Month of experience

It is the first day of a new month which means that it is the day to choose a new topic for the next 30 days. This is the month I was born in, it also marks 6 months since I have moved to Moscow. And I couldn't think of a better topic, a better key word for month than "Experience". When you are just born, each day is a new experience. That's what I want at least this month to be - experience. Do the things I have never done, look at the ordinary things with my eyes open and experience them in a new way. And I dare you to do the same. Look fo opportunities to get new experience.
So the advice of the month is: EXPERIENCE!