Thursday, April 18, 2013

Change tactics

Me vs. Sugar
Battle # 1 (this month)
Score 0:1
Ok, it was quite a quick victory of sugar.
I lasted two days.
Then it became hot and I wanted an ice-cream
And I am going to my Mom's in a couple of weeks anyways
(and I hardly doubt that I will resist the temptetaion)
So it is better that I stop now and start over again after I come back.
So the sugar found the way to talk me out of stopping eating it.

No it is time for a new challange.
Not a challange.
A new habbit.
Which will then be combined with non-sugar life.
And it is to walk.
In the very morning.
The first hing I do is go out for a walk.
 I call it 'walk out'.
Tomorrow morning.
My alarm is already set.
Hope I'll have enough will power to get up.
I believe in myself.
I can do it.
I'll let you you know how it went.

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