Monday, April 15, 2013


Love, love, love spring! I love the sun and love to feel that everything comes back to life.
So do I. Come back to life.
Continue to live.
And I have a new decision.

I do not want to be a sugar addict anymore.
I come to realize that it influences me a lot.
Me, my mood.
Me, my mood, people around me.
Me, my mood, people around me, close people.
I do not want to be indifferent to people who are close to me.
I do not want my mood influence our relationship.
I remember when I didn't eat sugar for a month.
I felt alive.
I felt happy all the time.
Now I think sugar will make me happy.
But that's not true.

So it is time.
Time to say no to sugar.
It is not gonna be easy.
I was a good girl all day today, for example.
Until I came home...
Than I had Coca-Cola and cookies.
That didn't make me happy.
Made me miserable instead.
I have thought of an experimen, that I hope will help me stay sugar-free -
Every time I have something sugarry I will put aside 500 rubles.
I will give it my sister to keep it.
I hope it will wok.

Anywho, I am full of hope and energy.
It's time to revive!

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