Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Become brand new

I am actually on a New Year's vacation with my family, but I think the first day of the new year is the perfect time to write this post. I want to share a video with you. This is a song by Alicia Keys. When I heard it, it spoke right to me, especially these words:

It took a long long time to get here
It took a brave, brave girl to try
It took one too many excuses, one too many lies
Don't be surprised, don't be surprised

If I talk a little louder
If I speak up when you're wrong
If I walk a little taller
I've been on to you too long
If you noticed that I'm different
Don't take it personally
Don't be mad, it's just the brand new kind of me
And it ain't bad, I found a brand new kind of free

So my advice of the day is: if there is something you'd like to rediscover in yourself, something you'd love to become - start now. It is the perfect opportunity. I've read somewhere that January, 1 is the 1st page of a new book which contains 365 pages, so you can create and become whatever character you wish to be.

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