Thursday, November 8, 2012

Experience search

You know what I love about writing this blog? It is the fact that I am always looking for inspiration, I read a lot of new and inspiring quotations, I listen to new songs, watch new videos. And it is all a part of enriching myself, enriching my knowledge.
And today I have found another new song. Well, it is new for me, but actually it's quite an old song - it was released in 1985 - the year I was born. But nontheless it is still very beautiful and meaningful. And here are a few lyrics from this song (and yes, they are all about experience):

"Experience is only what you make it
You come together when you let yourself go"

"Experience is not imagination
You get what you believe in if you choose"

"Experience, is only what you make it
You live forever but you never know"

And here is the video, please enjoy:


So the advice of the day is: experience search. Search for new things, search for old things, search for motivation, search for answers within yourself.

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