Friday, November 9, 2012

Experience communication

It has always been difficult for me to use small talk. I could never talk for hours on end even with my closest friends and family. And I still cannot understand how people can talk on the phone for several hours. What do they even talk about?
But now at work I realise that it is useful to know and use this art (yes, I do call it 'an art'). When you go to different events, when you are driving in a car with a colleague with whom you do not have much in common, when you go for a lunch with your co-workers - how do you know what is important for them? Or what do you talk about with a business partner when you are not at an official meeting?
So this post consists mainly of questions, which I am trying to answer right now. And I want to learn the art of small talk, but at the same time to keep it meaningful, and not just talk in order to pass the time.
So the advice of the day is: experience communication, because it is the key to building relations with other people.

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