Friday, November 2, 2012

Experience the dance

Today I went to a pefomance - a dance peformance. I have a very dual attitude towads that - on the one hand it was very unexpected, because it just happened that thee wee two extra tickets left, because someone from the management team could not come and a friend at work gave the tickets to me and my coleeage / friend. But at the same time already yesterday I started feeling like I did not want to spend a Friday evening at home, I wanted to go out and it happened. So that's why I believe that our mind is such a powerful tool. It can lead us anywhere we want. Seriously. Trust me and tune up your mind according to your desires.
 Actually that is not what I wanted to wite about today. I wanted to say how beautiful the dance is. We went to a dance peformance which was mostly choeographed by Igor Moiseev. It was a mix of different international dances, mostly of eastern Europe. And it was a wonderful experience. I don't think I would ever go there by myself without the invitation, but yet it was worth seeing. Dance inspires you to keep moving, to stay positive in life.
That is why I want to give the advice of the day: experience the dance.

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