Friday, November 30, 2012

Experience life

I have planned to finnsih the month of experience with this post almost from the very beginning of November.  I saw this video (it is actually and advertisment) and I knew that I had to shae it. The author of the video is Evgeniy Grishkovec. He is a Russian actor and a singer, but a vey unique one. In his songs he doesn't sing, he talks, he speaks about life and people around and his feelings. So this video is an advetisment of a company that makes windows and it is called "To see the life". Here is the video, it is in Russian, so below I am going to write down what he is saying:

There is a picture hanging on my wall, it's a landscape: a river, a hilly river bank, the sun is going down behind the hills, a low sky with clouds, the river and clouds are coloured with sunset. There are a few black dots - these birds flying over the river. They have been flying there for many years. This picture has been moving with me from a house to house, it's a good picture, beautiful landscape, nothing is changing on it. Outside MY window everything was always changing. Districts changed, cities changed, trees grew higher, houses wee built. I myself was growing. Buthow differently did I watch out of the window in different ages. When I was small and my parents would sat me on a window sill, it seemed so high, and outside I could only the things that interested me: dogs, children, birds. A lorry or a fire truck were miracles to me. I remember standing on my tiptoes staing hard at the road and waiting for my Mom to come home from work or for my Dad to come from a long business trip. I remeber looking for inspiration outside the window when I was writing my first romantic poems. How oppressed I was with the sunlight that caome in from the window in the moments of sadness or anticipation. Or how happy I was to see a thunder or a snowstorm or even grey drizzle and wet houses outside my window in the moments of success and happiness. With such different feelings did I open curtains and fling open the window during this last year. How differently did I see the same courtyard, the same city. And on my picture it is always a sunset along a beautiful iver, and the birds keep flying. I am used to this pictures. I can't get used to what I see outside my window, because on the pictue there is a landscape, and in the window there is always a life. 

My tanslation may not be a pefect one, but I think the main message is clear - life is always different. If it was the same every day, it will be just a picture, something still, something that has stopped moving. And you do not want that to happen to your life. Look outside the window, step outside of your apartment and experience life! This is my advice of the day and of this month.

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