Friday, December 21, 2012

Enjoy music

I had always wanted to have headphones. Not the small earbuds, but the real big headphones. And about a month ago I finally bought them. I saw them and could not resist. They are of a bright yellow and orange colour and are just totally me. But today is actually the first real time that I am using them. I can tell the music here sounds amazing. It is a totally different perception of music when you listen to it through laptop's speakers and through headphones.I feel absorbed by the music and at the same time it turned out to be quite easy to concentrate on other things. And I am also now searching for new music, new artist who inspire me. Music has become a part of my personal identity. I used to turn on a radio and just listen to what they had chosen for me. But as I was discovering myself, letting myself be who I am, my music preferences have also changed. Yes, I do still listen to a radio sometimes, and there are songs on the radio which I like, but I now have a more conscious approach to what I listen to. Music surrounds me every day and it does influence my mood and my outlook on the daily events. That's why I choose to choose music which brightens my days, with the lyrics which inspires me.
So my advice of the day is: create your own playlists with songs which resonate with you. Enjoy music.

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