Saturday, December 8, 2012

The power of written word

Yesterday I was looking through my notebook, the one where I used to write my plans for each day. I started doing so - planning every single day - last summer. And it was really helpful for me at that time. But as I got some steadiness in my thoughts it kind of became unnecessary, so lately I have been thinking to go back to this habit, because it helped me to stay focused on my dreams. I rememebr at that time I was phusically aware of how much time is just slipping through my fingers when I am browisng through facebook and just surfing the net. And I could not let that time just go by. And that was when I unsubscribed fom a lot of different groups, I stopped looking through the whole news section and just used social media for communicating with people how live in different cities and countries. But lately I am again spending a lot of time on the Internet doing nothing. So I opened my notebook in order to write down my plans for the weekend and I came across the page where I had listed all the things that I wanted to buy in 2012. I have totally forgotten about this list, and yesterday I was very surprised to see that I know have 90% of those things. Isn't it amazing?
So the advice of the day is: write down your dreams, your goals, your desies and just watch them happen!:)

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