Sunday, December 23, 2012

Take the steps

I just did a small exercise called TimeQuake suggested by the guys from Radical Undoing. The exercise is very simple - you need to think about the last 10 years of your life and write down the things which you would have done differently. It took about 5 minutes to finish the exercises, I have thought of 9 things, and more than a half of those things are the same/ So this means that I keep making one and the same mistake. What is even more sad - is that this is something that I have been dreaming for a looong time, it is something that I want more than anything else. And I have recently realised this problem, and I have realised what I am afraid of and what lies behind this fear - now I need a lot of courage to overcome this fear. It is like overcoming the fear of heights, you make one small step closer at a time. And after each step you see that it is not as scary as it seemed. Yes it is still pretty scary at the very edge, and I do feel terrified? especially if the edge is way up high, but the important thing is that I am stepping to this edge. So what I should start doing now is learning to make the same small steps in life, in this most important decisions. I need to change this habit of turning my back when I see the edge, only by getting a little closer and closer will I be able to discove if there is or there isn't real danger.
So my advice of the day is: there might be some things that scare you and in order to stop being scared try taking small steps. You might realise that there is actually nothing to be scared about and all that fear is just in your head.

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