Thursday, December 27, 2012

Give promise

I want again to try and give a public promise. New Year is getting closer and closer and usually the New year's Eve means a loooot of food which is super hard to resist. And already in October when I began learning to eat healthy and started my weight-loss programme - already then I knew that the New Year's Eve will be an exception, I will let myself eat whatever I want. But what I didn't know was that I will have these cravings to eat whatever I want 10 days before the New Year's eve. It's been hard for me to keep up with my healthy routine and I have been eating since and choclate for the last 5 days. And this not good at all. What is good - is that I bought a ministepper, so that even when it is -20 C outside I will still be able to do have a morning walk. But just the walk will not help me stay in shape, I need to control my craving for sweets and chocolate cakes.
I have already promised my food coach Zhenya to try to be a good girl and stick to the right outine, but I fear that it might not be enough. So I give here a public promise to eat healthy starting from Januay 1st. Not 12 am on January first, we will still be celebrating at that time. But stating with January 1st brunch, I promise to behave? to be a good girl and to eat only the good food.
So my advice of the day is: if you are having trouble doing something that you should be doing, try giving a public promise. It doesn't have to be online, you can give a pomise to your friend, your family - to someone other than just you. Or - I just had a wonderful idea - maybe I should make a bet with my sister? Ok, I'll see if I can keep my promise and if it doesn't help me, then next time I will try the bet thing.

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