Monday, December 10, 2012

Make presents

Today I saw this little announcement at the coffee corner at work about collecting presents for the senior citizens who live in the houses for the elderly. I saw this but on the way home totally forgot to go to a shop and buy the presents. But then I was talking to my sister and it turned out that she has seen the same announcement over the Internet and also wanted to contribute. So we bought the presents, wrapped the gifts and tomorrow I will take them to work so that soon they could be delivered to the addressees.
We have four presents, four people will smile and feel needed - and it only took us about an hour. So little time, so many people will get happier. You do not need great resources to bring happiness to other people's lives. A present could be your attention, kind words or a note, actually anything that shows that you care, shows that the other person matters, that he is needed.
So the advice of the day: make presents to people you know, people you don't know, to everyone who matters in your life.

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