Saturday, June 23, 2012

Every day is an adventure

Today I thought of my little godson, he is 4,5 years old now and he is so excited about every single day! I remember a couple of weeks ago we all went to my Granny's farm. And this little boy was excited about any new job, he would go watering with me, picking up hay, going to the forrest for some berries and even helping us pull weeds at the potato rows. We thought that he would sleep in late the next morning, but no. It was even before 7 a.m. that he was standing in the middle of the room and telling everyone to get up. He came up to me and said: "Angela, look out of the window!". I said: "What is it? Is there something going on?" And he replied: "Yes, it's light outside! It is finally morning!!"
Now every day I try to follow the example of this 4-year-old boy. I try to get up with the biggest excitement about the new day, to see it as another possibility to do something fun, to learn something new, and to enjoy every moment of it.

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