Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy with friends

I find it so important to appreciate all the people who are around you. It such a luck to have people who care about you, who support you in everything you do, even though they might not understand it sometimes.  People who you can share your thoughts and ideas with and who will be genuinely happy for you. I have such people in my life and I am super grateful for them. Although I have discovered lately, and that has been quite disappointing for me, that sometimes people who you think of as your friends envy you when everything goes right in your life. You think that they will be happy for you, but instead they don't even want to hear your story of success because they will feel envious. And I was very surprised to discover that, because in the times of dispair they were there for me. I am learning though to take it easy, maybe I will feel the same way some day and I wouldn't like to be judge about that. But at the same time I am now very open to new friendships, even to new friendships with old acquaintances. I think we learn something from every person we encounter with. So here is my advice of the day:

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