Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy is as happy does

It is very easy to feel happy wheneverything is good in yourlife, when you mood is up, when th sun is shining. But sometimes you just feel down, sometimes evn for seemingly no rason. I have those moments when I feel all alone, that nobody loes me, nobody cares for me. And usually I used to buy myself a cake (not just a piece of cake), turn on a sad movie and cry my eyes out, but before that I would write in my journal how miserable I felt. Now I've decided to change this habbit. Yes , I do feel super sad sometimes and I allw myself to cry. Now I usually si in front of a mirrorand talk to myself, as if in a therapist office. I do let the feelings out, and I just let them go. I prfer not to write any negative feelings on the paper. I leave my journal only for the happy experiences. And it has become much easier for me to maintain the state of happiness. Even when I cry I still feel happy.

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