Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy truth

Have you ever noticed how many little lies people say to each other on a daily basis? A lot of the times these are quite small lies. For example, you say to your co-worker: "Oh, I love your new dress/shoes/perfume/etc.", but do you really mean it? I judge from myself - I used to say this just to make a conversation, or to be liked, but that's not always how I truely felt. One day about half a year ago something changed. I became sick of all these lies that surround us. And as I firmly believe that you should treat other people the way you want to be treated, I decided to begin with myself. Now I never say a compliment if I don't really believe in what I am saying.
And actually this concerns not only your relationship with other people, but also - and I would even say  primarily - your relationship with yourself. Sometimes the truth may be scary. Telling yourself the truth may require you making some changes. And a change most of the time menas stepping from something known and comfortable into the unknown. And that might be very scary. But I do believe that unless you are completely honest with yourself and with others you cannot be completely happy. So here is my advice of the day:

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