Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy to be creative

When you are happy you want to do things. It becomes so much easier to get things done. You feel inspired to make all your desires come true. Make your dreams happen. Bring your ideas to life. And having things done, seeing them come to life makes you even happier. And then you can create even more. This is like a never-ending circle. 
So today I was just doing some drawing routine - this is part of my daily-happy-program now. I wanted to learn how to draw for the past several months. In the beginning I was thinking that I needed to save up some money in order to take drawing courses. But a few days ago I realised - why wait? Just start drawing! Every day. And there are now so many sources out there, that in some cases you don't even need to take any courses. And while drawing different lines and shapes, I somehow ended up with this little picture: 

It is nothing special, but I am so happy that it came out of my own hands. I am happy to create things like this. I am happy to be happy.

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