Friday, June 22, 2012

You can do it

Today I wanted to right a completely different post, but as I was surfing the Internet for some Dr. Seuss quotes I ran across this very-very inspiring video which has really touched me. It shows how we have so much power within ourselves that sometimes (well, most of the times) we are not even aware of or that we forget about. But we can do anything. We can acomplish anything. We can achieve anything. I'm completely sure about that. Our possibilities are limitless. The only thing we need is belief. Belief in our powers. We do have the superpowers to become whoever we want to be. So go ahead and be the superman / superwoman you were born to be.

And here is that video. I hope it will inspire you, too:

PS: remember how a few days ago I wrote that now I don't cry as often as I used to? Well, the tears are back! I have had little cries every day since. But all of those are very happy and inspirational tears. They are of the kind that I had today while watching this video. The tears of happiness for the other person, tears of gratitude for their achievement; these are 'mail'-tears which I use to send people like Arthur love and appreciation from the bottom of my heart. And honestly I am very happy that I can cry again. I thought that I was becoming less sensitive than I used to be, and I didn't want that to happen.

And today's lesson is:

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