Monday, August 6, 2012

Dare to create

Since I have decided to go for a new daily routine starting this Monday, the last 2 days I have been trying to come home quite early in the evening, so that I could have some me time, surf the Internet a bit and just do what I feel like doing. And again the last 2 days I felt the urge to draw. I would just sit on the wide open window and draw whetever comes into my mind. (And also I want to notice here that I used to be afraid of height, but about a year ago I decided to fight this fear and I think I am starting to see the results. You see, I live on the 8th floor, it is pretty high, but I can still just easily sit on the very edge of the window and I feel absolutely calm. That's on more reason to celebrate myself today). Yesterday it were just some shapes and eyes and mouths - I have this addiction to drawing faces and sometimes even only the eyes, or one eye. And today I wanted to have a completed painting so I started to draw what I love the most - the sunset. And here's what I got:

What do you think?:) I know it is not perfect, but I do love it. I just wanted to say how nice it is make things with your own hands, to see the actual results of your life. To create your own stuff, not just try to copy someone else's. So the advice of the day is: 

P.S. A little update on my routine: I did get up at 6:20 today and went for a jog! Yay for me. That's the 1st reason to celebrate myselfv today. I love me and I am so thankful to myself! 

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