Monday, August 20, 2012

Dare to make yourself do things

I used to be of a completely different opinion about this topic - make yourself do things. I used to think that if you push yourself to do something, if it doesn't come naturally to you - then it is not yours and you shouldn't go against your own desires. But now that I have started jogging, this opinion gradually changes. I often have to make myself go out there. This is the most difficult part for me. And before I hadd started the slow running, I also had to push myself to run for another minute-two-five. So now I am coming to an understanding that pushing yourself is not unnatural. Your body may feel lazy in the beginning, but as soon as you push it out to the street and get to the job, it will adjust and be really greatful. The same applies to mental activities, not only physical. It is much easier for your mind to watch TV and just relax and not think. But in order to develop you have to make yourself read books, books that are a little bit harder for you to understand than you are used to, but that will challange you and your mind, it will make your mind start thinking. If you have to make yourself  do something, it means that you are getting out of your comfort zone. And when you get out of the comfort zone, that's when you start to develop.
So the advice of the day is: make yourself do things.

P.S. I am off for a business trip early tomorrow morning. I've packed my running shoes. Will give an update on my jogging progress after I return.

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