Monday, August 27, 2012

Dare to not care what others think

This post is a small reminder to myself. I tend to overthink what others would think of me, of my actions and behaviour. Most of the times what others think about you doesn't really matter - because honestly a lot of people you see in the streets (when for example you go for a run and are a bit shy of other people) don't even think about you. Yes, of course they might have a quick thought in their mind just for a second or two, and then you run past them and they keep on going thinking about their own lives and ideas and plans for the day, etc.
Now when it comes to what close people (including co-workers) think about you - here I have a double-sided opinion. On the one hand it is important and you should pay attention to their opinions ... Wait.. Now that I think about how to put it into words I come to realize that I don't have a double-sided opinion, nope, I'm completely sure that what you think about yourself is always much more important.
The reason why I decided to write about it today is because we had a big department meeting today, after which I caught myself thinking that I was afraid my manager was not completely satisfied with me. So I was afraid of what she thought about me and my performance at work. But the reason for that fear is in what I think about myself, not what she thinks about me. I feel that I am not doing my job 100%, I know that I could use my time more efficiently and I am working on that every day. So it is my opinion here that matters, that makes me want to improve myself, not my manager's.
And the advice of the day is: dare to not care what others think.

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