Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dare to see bad news as good news

Today has been a busy day - first a very busy meeting at work, then a nice long dinner with colleagues and then when I come home my roommate tells me that I should look for a different place to live, because the owner of the apartment will need to take up my room. At first , and actually still am a bit upset with this - and have the thoughts like "why is this happening to me". But as I think more about it, this is what I think I was thinking about inside. I am not satisfied with my roommates, they are too messy for me, they do not clean up, the floor is always dirty, the kitchen is always a mess. So I believe that I have provoked this situation. I was telling myself to try to be Ok with the girls, that I shouldn't care about it too much because I don't cook at home, I don't spent too much time out in the common areas. I usually come home in the evening, and just have 2-3 hours before I go to sleep, so I am basically just sleeping in this apartment. But still, I want to have a home where I can be 100% satisfied with my surroundings. So as my sister also move to Moscow last week with her husband, and they will soon start apartment hunting - I am thinking if I should join them? Will it be a good idea? Or should we have seperate households? They are a family and maybe I would disturb them? But they anyway were thinking to share an apartment with someone else - maybe we could move in not as relatives, but as neighbours. But it will be way more convenient when for example our Mom comes to visit. There is a lot to consider beforemaking the decision, but as I write it down I am looking at this problem (that I have to move out) with e new positive perspective. I didn't like something in my current situation and I get the opportunity to change it. Isn't it wonderful?
So the advice of the day is: see bad news as good news. Because in the long run that's how it usually is.

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