Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dare to give up your principles

Do you have principles in life? Morals and rules that guide you? I do, for example one of them is not to lie and tell the truth no matter how bitter it is.
I think it is a wonderful thing to have the right principles - for example don't betray your friends - that is a lovely principle, isn't it?
But sometimes some people have just these stupid principles, or wouldn't do something just out of principle - and that is when it drives me crazy. For example ny sister moved to Moscow yesterday. She asked to stay at a friend's apartment (let's call this friend B.) until she and her husband found a job and another place to live in. And at the same time a different couple - also firends of B. - moved to Moscow the same weekend. And they are staying at the same place. B. herself lives with her boyfriend, so her apartment is currently empty and it was perfect that the 2 couples would stay there for a while until they got accomodated. But the only problem is that B. gave them only 1 key for 4 people, and said that she didn't want them to make any copies of the key. And for her that was a matter of principle, as she put it. What is this principle, I wonder? Have maximum 2 coipes of keys - is that one of the principles of her life? I do understand that all people are different with different backgorunds and ideas in their heads. But I just don't get it - what is the use of this principle? Does it make her life better? Does it help her make better decisions? I think that's what principles are for. And that's my advice of the day: have a close look at your principles and rules of life. If you notice some that are not making your life better, than dare to give them up. Free yourself from them.

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