Friday, August 10, 2012

Dare to notice imperfections

Today was the end of my probation period at my most wonderful job. I am now an official member of my beloved company. And today during the final talk with my manager one of the discussed topics was one regarding any problems I faced in the company and what I would like to improve. If I was my old self, I would most likely have said that I was completely satisfied with everything, that it was all good. Usually I'd do that to please people, to make them happy with me. And also I used to be vry shy (I still am sometimes), and I just didn't like to say my opinions out loud, so after a while I just stopped generating any opinions because I seldomly let anyone now about them. But in this company I am learning that I need to voice my opinions, that it matters. And also now that I am tying to figure out myself and my own opinion of everything, I decided not to skip these topics. So I asked myself these questions several times, and I did come up with answers. And now as a result I will go to a couple of trainings to learn new skills (one of them is something I have wanted to learn how to do for a long time).
I just wanted to say, that it is wonderful to see good sides of all things, to be positive. But in order to get better you need to notice the bad thing. Otherwise how are you going to improve them?
So the advice of the day is: Dare to notice imperfections.

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