Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dare report, part 1

Two weeks ago, on August 1st, I dared myself to go jogging 5 times a week, starting from August 6th. So I've decided to make a little follow-up. Last week has been very successful, super successful. There was absolutely no trouble for me to get up at 6:20 and go out for a run. And last Thursday I read an article about slow running, how you don't need to run so fast that your heart beats like crazy and it's hard for you to breathe. You should choose the pace that is comfortable for you. Sometimes your running may even be slower than walking. But that doesn't matter. Set a timer for 30 minutes and just run. Run as slow as you can and want. But keep running. This is a short summary of the article I read. My mind was like "What? Are you crazy? If you run slower than you walk, than why should you run at all? Just go out for a walk!" But I still decided to try it on Friday and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I couldn't stop running, and I really enjoyed it.
After that came the weekend and I took a break. Because I have to admit that I feel shy to run when there are many people in the streets, that's why I've chosen 6 am, when there are only a few people. But on weekends I don't get up that early and by the time I get up there are already many people out there. So that is the reason why I only run on weekdays, and try to do it in the mornings. Yesterday morning was also very easy for me. I ran for half an hour - for the first time since August 6th, I stated with 12 minutes and by last Friday it was 20 minutes. But now with this slow running concept, half an hour seemed very doable. But today it started raining from very early in the morning. I got up, looked out of the window and went back to bed. I felt very upset with myself later, but. you know, sometimes you do need a rest, so I try to stay positive about it. There are still 5 days left of this week, and to keep up to my promise I need 4 more runs. So I can do it. I can even run at my Moms when I go to visit her for the weekend.
And here is another public promise I want to make - I will take my running shoes with me on the business trip (next week, August 21-22, and will go for a run in the morning). I feel so scared now when I write this that I may want to skip this promise. But as it is one of my principles - once you give a promise, you should keep it - I do believe in myself, and I trust myself to follow my principles.

So the advice of the day is: dare to give publice promises!

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