Monday, August 13, 2012

Dare to love your name

Today on Facebook I ran across a link to this little excercise - chant your name. I thought it would baffle me. I thought I didn't like my name. Well, I have actually always liked it but I thought there might be some inside believes or some ideas about the name or something like that. But no. I pronounced my name with such love and with the biggest smile on my face. Wait, a little part of this is not true. I kind of have 2 names - a short one and a long one. My family always called me Angela and that's the name I grew up with. There was a period in my life when I was a little shy of my name, I thought it was a little harsh because of the Russian [zh] sound. And my full name is Angelika. I started to call myself Angelika only about 3-4 years ago. Before that I thought that it was too fancy for me. But there was one guy who always called me Angelika. And soon I began to associate myself with this name. And I remeber when I decided that I am no longer an Angela, I am an Angelika - it was November 2008. I was starting a new job, and as I was driving there I realised that I wanted to introduce myself as Angelika, I wanted other people to know by this name. And I really-really love this name. I know it belongs to me and it reflects who I am.
There's an interesting story around this name - my Mom always loved the name Angela and she wanted to give this name to her baby. When my sister was born, everyone around was against of calling her Angela, because they said it would be difficult for other children to pronounce it. My Mom didn't listen to them, but my Dad did. So he went to the registration office and named my sister Tanya. Now when I was born, my Mom decided to register me herself, she went to the registration office, but the girl at the desk said that there was no such name in the "Book of Names", there was only Angelika. And that was what she wrote down in the Birth Certificate. My Mom was crying, and she still keeps calling me Angela. I don't mind. But for me - I am Angelika.
So the advice of the day is: Love your name!

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