Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dare to accept your anger

How do you react to your anger? How do you express your anger? And DO you usually express you anger?

Last weekend I went to visit my Mom and on the way back I asked a young couple to change sits. The girl didn't have anything against it, but the boy siad "No". I asked why and he said that there was no reason, he just didn't want to. That made me angry. I said that I wish that the people they come across with in their life would be as kind to them as they had been to me. After that I felt very guilty about get angry upon such a little problem. My tatoo on the shoulder keeps reminding me that I should love people through my actions - but sometimes the actions do not correspond to what's written on the shoulder. But in't it natural for a human being to get angry sometimes? it is one of the basic emotions, you cannot reject it. The only thing that I wish I did differently is not wishing them bad and just letting it ago. But to get angry at youself for getting angry is not going to do anything good to you. Just admit your emotion, think what was the reason for these anger and how you would (or want to) react to such a situation next time.

So the advice of the day is: Dare to accept your anger.

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