Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dare to doubt

I am in a big doubt - should I continue the jogging or stop and search for a different activity. The thing is that my knee hurts. It is not a permanent pain, but it hurts when I do sit-ups, for example, or after sitting with my legs crossed. That was actually the reason why I stopped doing workout with Jillian Michaels - I could feel that when I took 2 days off to go to my Mom's my knee was feeling much better. In Jillian's workout almost all of the exercise are done on foot - and there is jumping, and sitting up and down and what not. I thought that with running it should be easier. But this Tuesday (after I ran for 30 minutes the night before) I could feel the pain when I was walking down the stairs and it scared me a bit. I don't want to have problems with my knees in such a young age. And I began to love jogging but at the same time do not want to injure my body. And there is another reason for the doubt - and it is the rpomise. I also say that if you promise something, than you should keep your word or do your best to keep it. For example, I took my running shoes to the business trip as I had promised. But I also knew that there will be a swimming pool in the hotel, so I also took the swimming suit and decided to do least one or the other. And I went swimmimg. I didn't skip the workout,I just changed it a little bit. I will take a bit more time to think about my doubts and will get back to you in a day or two with my decision.
And meanwhile the advice of the day is: dare to doubt. It is when you doubt that you listen to yourself more carefully.

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