Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dare to share your love

Again a reference post to a lovely website - slash- movement: More Love Letters.
I have recieved once a letter from a person I don't know. Well, I do read his blog (but he posts veeeeeeeery seldom). And he has this little link on his website which says: Send me Sunshine. The idea is - you send this guy your address, and he will send you a post card from wherever he is at the moment (he is a big traveller, by the way). I recieved the postcard about 6 months after sending the address. And I was sooo happy when I got it. It was so unexpected (it was 6 months already, I had stopped waitig a while ago). And it had just the right words ("Go, don't be afriad") which are still my motto and motivate me every single day. So after I read about the More Love Letters movement, I immediatly recalled on my postcard (which is kind of a letter). And now I am thinking of making something like this here in the city. I am going to buy a bunch of post cards and write inspirational messages to make random people happy. To share my love with them. I will keep you updated on this.
So the advice of the day is: Share the love!

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