Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dare to be happy

Chris Guillebeau is one of the first people who got a seperate folder in my Inbox. I love his blog, and I love that he has travelled almost all (!!!) of the countires on our plane - only 7 are left, if I am not mistaken. And this week his newletter title got me bery intrigued. It said "How to be unhappy". I read it several times just to make sure that I read it right, that it really says happy, without the un. But ni, that was not a misread or misspell. He was really speaking about being unhappy, but in a very sarcastic way and all of the ways are so true, that exactly is how people (myself included) making themselves unhappy each day. I wanted to copy paste his article here, but don't think it is correct. So go ahead and read it here.
And the advice of the day is: dare to be happy.

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