Thursday, September 6, 2012

Create caffeine free diet

That is my new challenge. I have realized that I need to have a cup of coffee every morning in order to feel fresh and have no headache. And that is already an addiction. I have never had any kind of addiction (except for chocolate, but I have it under control most of the time), nor do I want to have one. So the purpose of this challenge is to prove myself that I am not a caffeine addict. I don't plan to stop drinking coffee for the rest of my life, no this is not the point. The point is to reduce the number if consumed coffee to one-two cups per week or less if I feel like it. And also this is the first step to creating the new habit of healthy eating. I have decided not just start all the healthy habits in one day - like cut out the sweets, the coffee, regular work outs - but introduce them one at a time. And oops! I just remembered while writing here that I forgot to do my abs workout today...((
So the advice of the day is: create caffeine free life!

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