Saturday, September 8, 2012

Create your own circumstances

I have to be honest with you guys that I am a little bit drunk when I write this and I will probably schedule this to get posted tomorrow (I have a dear friend visiting me for the weekend so I might not have time to actually write something tomorrow). So i just want you to know that i am  writing this on a Friday evening just after the wine tasting with my colleagues. And I want to let you know how happy and grateful  I am for working in this very company and with these very people. They have trust and belief in me and they see my potential. I need this so much at times when I am self-doubtful. Knowing that these wise people with really great experience see me growing and developing and actually believe in me, this gives me so much courage to keep going! And I am also extremely thankful of myself that I have created these circumstances in my life, I had the courage to quit the previous job, I had the courage to move to Moscow on my       own and i also  had the courage to believe in myself, believe and be absolutely sure that I will get the best job ever. So it is basically me who is responsible for what is happening in my life. And it is you who is responsible for everything that is going on in your life. Not your boss, not your parents, not your friends. It is you and you alone who makes things happen in your life. So the advice of the day is: create your own circumstances!   

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