Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Create space

I have been away from computer for a week, and when I came back yesterday I had over 150 mails in my inbox. I deleted some obvious spam and still I had <100 letters left. I began to read them, because I really like these newsletters which I am subscribed to, but then I've realized that I do not want to read them. I was forcing myself to do so, but was not actually recieving any pleasure out of them. During my vacation I was away of any information - I didn't even take a book with me, I just turned TV on a couple of times, but it was in Spanish anyway. And now that I have come back I feel that I do not need to read that many newsletters, because they are blocking my flow of thoughts. There are thousands of interesting blogs out there and I am subscribed to about 10 of them. There are some who write on a daily basis, some write twice or three times a week, the others once per week - so during one week it means about 30 newsletters. All from very interesting people, all sharing some useful information - but at the end of the day I have so many thoughts that sometimes I can't understand which of them are my own. So I have decided to create some space for myself and to unsubsribe or pause subscription to most of these newsletters. I can always go directly to their blog and update myself, but I do not want to have so many e-mails in my Inbox. It makes me feel obliged to read them and that just takes up my time.
So the advice of the day is: create space for yourself and your own thoughts.

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