Sunday, September 23, 2012

Create a poem

I love this feature of Samantha Reynold's website called Instapoem. She asks you all the different questions that make you really think about yourself and sometimes people around you, the questions you might not even think of. And than your answers are turned into beautiful poems. The poems are changed every once in while. So here is mine:

It was the day we laughed so hard
we made the peonies bloom

I was three
it was sunny

we were running like dogs
a game of hide-and-seek
happiness all balled up in our lips
shooting out of us in shrieks and bellows

I'm a swan
she declared

and I decided I was too

an open minded swan
with nothing to do
but chase the wind

they say it whips you in the face
but this isn’t how it works
if you run hard enough
the wind bores right into you

I don’t remember anything else
except the smell of the warmth
sweet as brownie

the wind carried the rest away.

So the advice of the day is: create poems (either yourself or with a little help). 

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