Sunday, September 9, 2012

Create your actions

Happy people plan actions, they do't plan results.
Dennis Waitely

Happiness is a state of activity.

What is our life? What does make our life be filled with happiness, filled with different events, people, emotions? What does life consist of? You could say a lot of different things, but I would name just one - actions. If you just sit and plan to do something, spend your days dreaming about it - can you say that you are living your life fully? No, I don't think so. It is action that makes you feel alive. Making steps to fulfilling these dreams of yours, not just dreaming about htem in your mind. I am not saying that you shouldn't act without thinking and planning (although that can be useful, too), but at some point you have to start taking actions otherwise you will be disappointed with your life. I have realised that on my own. Last year, when I was feeling depressed most of the time, I was not satisfied with the way I was spending my life. I knew that I had to change something but for about half a year I was just thinking about it and saying to myself "I cannot quit now, I have a vacation coming up, and if I change my work I will not get a vacation for the next few months..." So I was finding excuses to postpone the single most important step - taking the action. But after 6 months of procrastination, even my body, my organism got tired of that and I ended up bursting into tears in the middle of a grocery store. For me that was an indication that it was time to act. Enough of waiting for better circamstences or thinking about all the if's? I had to start acting. And now 9 months later I feel that it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I am so happy to be where I am right now. And all of that is the result of one simple action.
So the advice of the day is: create your actions!

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