Saturday, September 1, 2012

Create your own body

A new month, a new season, new opportunities. Today is the first day of a new month, a new season - yes, autumn in Russia starts on the 1st of September. That's what I loved about living in the USA - the summer there is longer, until the middle of September. I know this is just a formality, but it matters to me if it is officially summer or autumn.
So as the new month begins I started thinking what could be the theme of this month's blog posts. I want to challange myself again. As you know I have some weight to lose. I love myself, I learn to love my body. I used to think that I would happier if I was thinner, but now I realize that it wouldn't actually matter that much - because for happiness the inside is much more important that the outside. Also I am sure that taking care of my body and getting thinner is a way of expressing the love for myself. I want to live a long happy life in a healthy body and I need to take care of it already now. I began working on that last month, but found out that me knee was hurting when I was running, so I stopped. And now I realized that I don't have to put pressure on the knees, I can start with swimming and add a little abs workout to that. I have already made plans with a colleague at work to go to the swimming pool twice a week. So my challenge for this month will be to work on the abs for several minutes a day. I want to start it gradually, to add little by little so that I don't feel overwhelmed and quit after a week or two. Also this will be a big challenge for me because I have 2 friends visiting me this month, and also I am going on vacation for one week. Usually on vacation I let myself do and eat whatever I want and just relax, enjoy the time and not think about diets and weight-loss. So it might be hard to keep up to the challange, but I have faith in myself and believe I can do it. I can take 5 minutes a day to work on my body!
So while I was writing this I have realised what the theme of the month should be: creativity. The root of this word is create - and that's what I manifest today: I am going to work on my body and create a healthier and better looking version of it.
And the advice of the day is: create your own body.

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