Saturday, September 15, 2012

Create your values

One of the books that has had a great impact on me and on my today's perception of the world is "Focal Point" by Brian Tracey. I read it twice within one month: first I simply read the whole book from cover to cocer and the second time I wrote down a short summary of the most important parts and questions in my notebook and after that I answered all these questions, also in written form. It helped me a lot to realize all the values in my life, what is really important to me. I have shared with you one of Brian Traceys' techniques to figure out your values just a few days ago. And I think that  knowing your values makes your life so much easier. When you know your values you will know exactly what decisions to make. For example, you are offered a wonderful and exciting position, the only thing is that you will have to be on business trips most of the time. Now if one of the main values for you is your career and adventures than I guess you would definitely say yes to this opportunity. But if your value is your family and you want to spend all you free time with them, than it is a totally different decision and it will be easy for you to make it.
I have figuered out my values about a year ago, and it has really helped me a lot. Knowing myself, I can say that sometimes I used to be rough with the people I love. But when I understood that my relationship with my family is one of the biggest values for me, I have decided to change. I don't want them to feel bad becasue of my bad mood. So I am now trying to either talk nicely with my Mom, for example, when she gives me a call, or just say at the very beginning of the conversation that I am not in a good mood right now and I will call her back later when I feel better. This way I don't hurt my Mom's feelings and I don't feel bad about myself. This is only one of the examples of how getting to know my real values has helped me in my daily life.
So the advice of the day is: create your values!  

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