Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Create more you time

You know how sometimes we get so involved in everything that is going on that we don't have time for ourselves. I have already wrote about it in several posts but I think that it is never too much. The importance of setting time aside to be alone with your thoughts or just some time dedicated only to you can never be overrated. When I was living  in st Petersburg it was much easier to find some alone time because I was renting my home on my own. But now that I am living together with my family I find it a bit harder to do so. After a week of spending most of the evenings with them, preparing dinner, eating, watching tv together, I have realized that I lack this me time. And that's what I want to create now - create a certain routine where I have some hours with the family and then an hour or two for me. And this is also the advice of the day: create you time 

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