Sunday, September 16, 2012

Create destinations

Every year in the beginning of January I write down the places I want to visit. To be honest only a few of them have come true, and this year I actually didn't get to go to any of the places on my list. At the same time I have been travelling a lot, it was mostly on business trips and in my home country, but I am still very thankful for that. I have seen more cities outside my country, that inside. And to be honest I think it is not good. That's why I do not get disappointed about not going to the places on my lsit.
But jhaving such a list keeps me open minded and motivated. It keeps me aware of other palces in the world and of all the other cultures and people and traditions. And I know that someday I am going to visit all of these places. and i just love this inspirational picture I saw today:

And the advice of the day is: create your destinations.

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