Monday, September 17, 2012

Create knowledge

I just came from the university a couple of hours ago. I graduated from my first University in 2007 and I thought I was done with studying. After those 5 years I was so tired of different exams and papers that I never wanted to do that again. But last year I began to feel respect to people who were continuing their education and I start to feel inside of me this desire to learn.
My first diploma is in teaching English and German. I remember little of German, because I haven't used it at all after the graduation. And teaching has never actaully been my dream job, I just went to that University becasue they had the best faculty of foreign languages in my town. So when I started to realize that I needed to change something in my life, I also realized that even though I had a diploma, I didn't have a profession. At that time I had been a secretary at a marketing agency for over 2 years, and I didn't even have to think a lot in order to do my tasks well. And I wanted to awaken my brains, to make them think again. That was when I realised that I needed to continue my education.
Moving to Moscow gave me this great opportuniy. I have found the perfect master's program. I am able to combine studies with my job. And at this orientation meeting I already met a few interesting people. And what I like most about this master's programme is that the people there already have a job, they have experience in all kinds of jobs and I think it will be very interesting to get to know all of these people. And I am even more excited about the program itself, I think it is going to be very interesting, it will make me think again. Think in new terms, terms which are not at all familiar to me at the moment. And I am so excited about this new stage of my life.
And the advice of the day is: create knowledge. Be thirsty for knowledge. New knowledge makes you brain work. 

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