Sunday, September 2, 2012

Create your dreamboard

It's been a week today that I have moved into a new apartment with my sister and her husband. At first I was hesitant about this because they are a family and I wanted them to create their own home. But after I was told that I had to move out from my previous place and my sister just began apartment hunting I decided that maybe it could be better for us to live together rather than we each move in with different people. Now our new apartment has already become a new home for us where we are happy to have friends and family over. Just yesterday my friend form high school was in Moscow and she stayed with us. And next week we will have our cousin with her husband visiting us for a couple of days and also one of my close friends from St. Petersburg is coming for the weekend. So this is turning into a place filled with friends and family as well as love, laughter and happiness.
And also yesterday I finished decorating my room and I have created a dream board, it is mostly a travel dream board at this time - I have pictures of places that I want to visit combined with some pictures of me with my loved ones. After I will have visited this or that place I plan to replace it with a new one, which represents my new dream/desire/goal.
And the advice of the day is: create your dream board.

And here is mine:

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