Saturday, October 6, 2012

Learn to be authentic

As you know I have begun my studies at the University. We had a hometask to do which was a bit difficult for me. So I have decided to take the easiest way and found the same task on the Internet. I did read it  through, made corrections in each of the exercises, some of them were 100% my work - but you know basically that was still not me, not my project. I sent it to the teacher, at first she said "The work is accepted with an A". But then an hour later came a second letter: "The work is 100% identical to the one I had recieved before. It is still accepted, but you do not get any mark for that". At first I wanted to write to her that it could not be 100% identical to anything because I HAVE corrected it to how I see and understand it, but then I decided not to, because it would not be 100% true. Because the given answers influenced me a lot and I did not use my own brain fully. It was not me who was doing the thinking, to be honest. I know that if I say that I did it all by myself, I will be telling a lie. So I decided just to learn my lesson and to make  everything my own. Than you will feel proud, not ashamed. You will feel brave to stand up for what you have done. It is your life, it is your work, it is how you see and understand the tasks you get - this is what important. Be yourself, be authentic and you will be respected for that.
So the advice of the day is: learn to be authentic.

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