Monday, October 15, 2012

Learn to fight for your rights

I have this colleague at work, who I have become very close with. We started at about the same time and work very closely with each other. She is a great professional in her field and besides that she has a wonderful personality. What I love most - she is not afraid to speak up for herself. She always ahs an opinion and is not afraid to say it out loud even if differs from everyone else's. And she also can stand up for her rights and doesn't matter who she is talking with - be it a receptionist, or a CEO. If she knows that she is right, she will fight for it. And she is also a doer. Yes she can procrastinate some times (like most of us), but when the work needs to be done, she doesn't look for someone else who is responsible for the project, she just sits down and starts working on it. I admire that and I am happy and thankful to be working around such great people. When I think about what would she do, I myself start doing things. I am less afraid of the new responsibilities. I am getting better every single day. I hope that you also have someone who inspires you to go beyond the limitations of your mind. Someone who inspires you to stop being scared and start fighting for yourself.
So the advice of the day is: learn to fight for yourself.

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