Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Learn to get enough sleep

As you probably know, I have been waking up pretty early lately. And I have to thank myself for being very consistent with it for over 3 weeks! That's big for me, because there have been plenty of times that I would start doing something - like going for a run - and than in a week, max. 2, I would forget about it. So this time I am doing a very good job. The only thing is that I now need to learn to go to bed a little earlier. Sufficient amount of sleep is super important. I have realized it today. Yesterday I came home after 11 pm because of my University, so I went to sleep after midnight and was up up today at 5:55. So 5 hours of sleep is definitely not enough. I felt so tired and worn-out the whole day today that it has been difficult for me to be useful at work. Also I had to make myself get up in the morning which usually doesn't happen - I get up quite easily. And during the day I didn't feel like talking and socializing. So I did not enjoy feeling that tired. And I also talked with my food coach tonight and she said that sufficient amount of sleep is crucial for the weight-loss process.
So the advice of the day is: learn to get enough sleep. And I am going to bed right now:)

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