Monday, October 29, 2012

Learn to have fun

On Saturday we (my new Univesity friends and myself) decided to celebrate Halloween. And yes I know that it is only on Wednesday, but clubs here in Moscow started to have parties already on Friday. At first I was a bit hesitant if I should or should not go, becasue of all the workout and new eating habits that I am working on right now. But than I thought that the most important thing was that I was feeling good. And I would feel much happier if I went out and had fun than if I stayed at home and ate salad and felt alone. And I am so happy that I did it. I haven't actually been to a club for about 2 yeas, and I forgot how great it feels just to dance and laugh and sing songs out loud. And I also got to know the people I am studying with. And also I feel very inspired and just genuinely happy. I even was singing loudly to my ipod IN THE STREET. And it is huge fo me, because earlier I wanted to do that but felt too shy.
Laughing, singing, dancing, talking to your friends - these are all pretty simple things, but they give you a lot of inspiration. They lift you up and make you feel alive. It is really easy, believe me. Start with laughing for at least a couple of minutes a day. Just laugh for no reason. I do that  while I am walking every morning (well, I do skip Sundays, because that's my sleep-in-late day). It does make you feel better and happier. Try it for yourself and share your results. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts.
So the advice of the day is: learn to have fun and to see fun around you! 

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