Sunday, October 21, 2012

Learn to read

Well, I am sure you can read - but how often do you read? What was the last book that you have read? When did you finish it?
This is actually a reminder for myself - because for the last 4 months, I guess, I haven't read a single book. I was reading some blogs, I read a few magazines, I am reading a lot of the University books - but these are not actual books. I used to love reading and when I was a schoolgirl library was my favourite place. Last year I read many self-development books and I had a special system on how I worked with them. At first I would just read the book from cover to cover. If it appealed to me I would read it again and underline the parts and words that were the most important to me. And the third step would be to go through the book again (now mainly through the underlined parts) and wite down a short summary of it in my special notebook.
I miss reading. Reading not only self-development books, but some classic literature.I should make it my habit again. So the davice of the day is: learn to read!

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