Sunday, July 22, 2012

Love and appreciate

I have noticed an interesting thing - the more greatful I am for my life, for all the good things and pepople I have around me, the more there is to be greatful for. And now it has become my daily practice to notice all the wonderful things around me. And the more I do that, the more wonders I see. For example - the sunsets, aren't they just amazing and super beautiful? Or people in the streets being kind to each other. I always thank them in my mind for all their kindness. Like today, for example, I rewad an article about Shavarsh Karapetyan who saved the lives of 20 people without any hesitation of what it would cost him. I read this article, amazed and happy that there are such people in the world, and I was so thankful for him, for what he has done. I do appreciate all the wonders of the world, all the beauty and all the kindness and I try to do the same for the world and all the people
So the advice of the day is:

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