Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Love your voice

Today's post was inspired by a video interview that Marie Forleo has published today on her blog. The interview was with a woman called Kris Carr. And Marie mentioned there that one of the things that distinguishes Kris Carr from a big number of other blogs is her specific voice. That's what makes her stand out. But what is your own voice? How and where can you find it? That's what I have actually been trying to do, I am learning to do: find my own voice both at my work and my personal life. You know, I was brought up in a family where children didn't actually have a voice. They were not allowed to talk when a grown up was talking, for example, at the table. Or my parents used to buy us clothes without us - so our opinion was not taken into considiration. I absolutely do not blame them for anything - that's the way they were brought up and they didn't know any other way. And my childhood was a very happy time for me. It was just recently that I have begun to realize all the impacts that my childhood is having on my adult life. And I am so greatful that I am realizing it and making changes happen. So this blog is actually a means of expressing my own voice. And that's what I wish for you too: listen carefully to yourself and then say your opinions, do not be shy or afraid to express your own thoughts. You are unique, be proud of it, love yourself for it.
So the advice of the day is:

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